Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow I Thought It Would Get Easier!

So it is that time of year again when I am really happy and really sad at the same time. I love Christmas! I love everything about it! It is my favorite time of year, but it is also the most difficult time of year for me as well. If you can believe it or not it has been 3 years tomorrow since we lost our sweet little Hunter. I think that it has been harder on me this year than last year. You would think the longer it has been the easier it would get! Nope not in my case :) My heart is aching to be able to hold him and love on him.

He would have been 5 this year. He would always say "I can't wait until I am 5 so I can go to school with all the big kids." He was a really smart boy and was super excited to start school as well as play sports just like his older cousins. He would always love to go to their soccer games and after they were over he would say "can I play soccer just like them when I am 5". Maybe that is why this year has been harder than the last. I think one of the hardest things for me is attending any of my nieces and nephews concerts, sports events, etc. It breaks my heart that he was never able to participate in any of these activities and that he was so excited to turn 5 so he can be just like his cousins.

We went to the cemetery today to put some Christmas decorations up and to put some fresh flowers on his grave. Of course I have been teary eyed all day. Being at worked helped in that department keeping my mind busy.

One of my friends today text me to see if there was anything she could do for me and if I minded that she brought me flowers. The only response I could say was that I am just happy that she remembers and that he is not forgotten. Her response to that was that if it was important to me that it was important to her. I am thankful to have such great friends.

Kaleb doesn't quite understand where Hunter is at. McKensie called him brother a few days ago and he says "no I am not brother, brother is sick and points to the picture of Hunter" We are working on trying to explain to him but he is still little and doesn't quite understand.

Jeff and I are working on being able to go to the Temple so that we can be sealed to our kids. This is our goal that we are setting ourselves to meet this next coming year. I would love nothing more to know that we are sealed to our children for all eternity. It breaks my heart right now to know that we are not yet sealed to my sweet little Hunter! However, I do know that he is with us and will be watching and helping us meet this goal.

I think that this has been the hardest thing that the Lord has tested me with. However, I do know that he does not throw anything at us that we can not handle. I just keep thinking that I am so sad and hurt that we lost Hunter but extremely happy that Kaleb was saved. I remember the day of Hunter's funeral I was sitting by Kaleb's bed side holding his hand waiting for someone to come sit with him so he wouldn't have to be alone. When all of the sudden he opened one of his eyes. The day we layed our oldest son to rest it was sort of like our other son was born again. I think the lord works in mysterious ways. I really believe having Kaleb come out of the coma that specific day was the lord's gift to us to help get us through the toughest trial in our life.

So I have been rambling on, and on but I do feel better being able to share my thoughts and feelings. Life is precious and we all need to live it to the fullest. We never know what the lord has in store for us.

Hunter Pictures!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


So I haven't blogged forever which I am having to back up a few weeks in order to get in some of the main events.

Thanksgiving was great this year. We all got together at Heathers for our big feast! Yes, all of us together in one house is crazy but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love the tradition as we all take our part and each of us make parts of the dinner. This year we had 3 turkeys. Yes 3 whole turkeys. Lots of turkey leftovers but it sure goes to good use.

I always love our family gatherings. The good food and the games we play afterwards. We were lucky this year and our Aunt and Uncle from Utah came in for the big event along with a few of our cousins. It was a nice treat to have them here. I learned how to make lots of different candies. Of course that is what we all need to be eating this time of year. I loved it!! We are glad they were able to join us.

This year I kept seeing posts of what everyone was thankful for. We all have lots to be thankful for. I am most thankful for our big family and all the support and love they give each other.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McKensie Turns 2 Today!!

I can't believe that it has been 2 years already. She has grone up fast! She is a very smart girl and we are very proud of her. We love you sister.
She has always had her own little personality. Of course she loves sweets and is always excitited to eat them. Here she is eating her first birthday cake and in heaven.
This was her at Christmas showing off the little bit of attitude she has. She was playing peek-a-boo with the camera and I do say it turned out really cute.
We got her a dress for her Birthday and I can't believe how grown up she looks in it. She is so big and very girly. She loves dresses & dolls.
She especially loves Hats! This is a hat that her Grandma Judi got her for her birthday and she just loves wearing it around. Of course it doesn't match her pretty birthday dress but she just had to wear it.

We are going to take her the Denny's tonight for her birthday because her favorite thing to eat is pancakes and that is what she will have for dinner on her special day!!
Happy Birthday we love you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kids say the funnies things!

So yesterday Jeff and I picked up the kids from day care and went to get water. I sat in the back with the kids and was talking to Kaleb. Jeff was trying to talk to Kensie. She of course was being a brat and looking out the window deliberatly not looking at him. Jeff kept saying her name Kensie, McKensie, Kensie. Finally, as she was still looking out the window she said "I am thinking about something". You could tell that she was trying her hardest not to look at either of us and you could see the corners of her mouth twitch like she was trying really hard not to smile. We both just laughed. Finally, I stuck my face right up to hers and said love you Kensie and she looked at us and said love you.

Keep in mind this little girl with the attitude is not even 2 years old yet. We know we are going to have our hands full with her.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Bathtime Pictures!

So I just had to post these pictures my mom just emailed me. I don't remember her taking them but obviously I was so into the book I was reading I didn't notice her taking the pictures.

This is a routine we have with the kids. They always brush their teeth right after their bath. This time Kaleb had to go to the bathroom so I put him on the toilet which was just great for McKensie since they always fight who gets to stand on the stool and go first. Well McKensie thought she would be helpful and give him his tooth brush and some toothpaste so he could brush his teeth while going to the bathroom. I just love when they are nice to each other!

Adult Weekend Getaway!

So Jeff and I decided at the last minute to go on a trip to California without kids. My mom was nice enough to take the kids for a few days so we could get away. My sister and her husband had planned this trip to Magic Mountain about a month ago with a few of their friends. Jeff and I didn't know if we would be able to get off work or not to go. Of course the day before they left we found out that we could go. So we hitched a ride with them and headed for California. We got their pretty early on Friday and after checking in to our hotel we headed for the beach in Santa Monica! Both the weather and water were great. We got to walk on the beach at night and put our feet in the ocean. The water was great and we had a good time.

Saturday we got up and ate breakfast and headed on down to Magic Mountain. It was a crazy day. Of course it had to be a weekend when all the teenage groups ended up going. So we were surrounded by teenagers and long lines. All in all it was fun and wasn't to bad. I think the longest we had to wait in lines were like and hour and a half. This was for the new roller coaster called the X2 which was well worth the wait. I think my favorite in the park was the Tatsu which you ride hanging upside down dangling in the air. This was a picture I got right underneath the ride. We rode this ride about 3 times.
Of course you can't go to a theme park without taking a picture with a cartoon character. I am not sure but it always seems like a fun thing to do. Acting like kids, eating curros, and funnel cake who can beat a day like that. We both had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. It has been a long time since we got to spend a weekend together without our kids. Don't get me wrong we did miss the kids but it is refreshing to getaway once in awhile and spend time together.

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time this year with the kids. Both kids were really excited. We started off with a Halloween Carnival on Wednesday which Kaleb just couldn't stop sneaking onto the train ride. We couldn't find him one time and when we did he was sitting on the train next to someone sneaking in a free ride. McKensie just wanted to run all over the place. I brought my camera but of course I was busy just chasing the kids that I forgot to take any pictures.

On Saturday we all got up and went to breakfast at Bill Johnson's in celebration of Nate's birthday. Once done with breakfast and full of energy we headed over to my sister Heather's for some pumpkin carving. McKensie was having a blast just sticking different things inside the carved pumpkins. She didn't want to get down from the table.

Kaleb of course can't really stay put for longer than a minute so he was all over the place. Him and his cousin Elli were nice enough to sit still for a minute so we could take their picture with each of their pumpkins.
As we were cleaning up we were setting all the finished pumpkins down and the kids just wanted to play with them all. Kaleb kept calling them balls and I thought for sure he was going to throw them.
Once done with the pumpkin carving we ended up going to home for a break and to give the kids a good nap before a long night of trick or treating. The kids were super excited to get into their costumes. Once I put McKensie in her costume it was like she became a whole different person.
McKensie was so excited that she walked the entire time almost running house to house to talk to people and to get candy. She would say hi to everyone and would say thank you. She even talked to a few people. For those of you who know McKensie she does not do well with people she does not see on a daily basis. It always takes her at least an hour to warm up to anyone. She doesn't even like strangers to look at her. Yes, I know she is a brat but a very cute brat!

Kaleb on the other hand it was like pulling teeth to get him out of the wagon to go up to the house to trick or treat. He didn't want to walk and just wanted someone to get him candy so that he could sit in the wagon and eat it all! Lazy, Lazy, Lazy! Of course we made him get out if he wanted candy because we weren't going to get it for him. We all had a blast and the kids were very tired by the end of the night. Kaleb counln't wait to get out of his costume but McKensie probably could have slept in her costume. There was one time during the night that her hat fell off and she freaked out until we put the hat back on. She kept saying look at my costume. She was really proud of her gnoam costume. Everyone really liked the costumes but they kept calling them munchkins! I guess they could have been either or but I do say they were cute costumes!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Happenings!

So this is what Jeff does everyday with the children. He is a great dad and always takes time to sit with his children either playing games or watching a movie with them. It is always funny to watch the kids look at each other and say my daddy, while the other one says no its my daddy. We have to constantly remind the children that it is both their daddy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Slip N Slide!

Labor Day weekend we got together with some friends and enjoyed the thrills of the slip n slide. This would be a first for our family. We really enjoyed ourselves. We quickly learned that the more soap you squirted on yourselves the faster you would slide. At one point I even put on a garbage bag that allowed you to go faster as well which the faster you went the more fun it was. Well some of us enjoyed it. Kensie of course was really mad that we made her go down. She was scared but of course we had to make her go down a few times.
Kaleb on the other hand loved it. He was really excited and had a blast especially when he went down with his dad.
Thanks to Heather she was able to get a picture of all of us going down the slide. Fun times we had.
McKensie seemed to be content sitting on the side lines a little ways away from the slide.

Thanks for no injuries, just lots of soap, water, and fun.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kaleb's Mishaps!

So of course it never fails Kaleb always ends up with cuts and bruises on his head. The week before he fell at Heather's and hit his chin on the fire place. The very next week he fell outside by the car and hit his head on the sliding van door.
He is a tough boy. Only cried for a little bit and then was smiling eating pancakes. I do have to admit he does have a hard head. I can only hope he keeps the head blows to a minimum.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Relief Society Retreat!

So I was able to get away for a night up to Showlow with the sisters of the ward! This was my first year going on the retreat and I had alot of fun. It was nice to hangout and get to know the women in the ward. Of course I am really bad and didn't take any pictures. We all enjoyed the evening of fun, food, and games!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day at the Meuseum!

Saturday Jeff & I took the kids to a meuseum. The kids had a blast. There were lots of fun activities for the kids to participate in.

This kids had a great time and it was nice to be able to spend a day with them doing multiple activities.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mother & Kids Campout!

So I had a week off during the summer to spend with the kids. We got together with some friends and took the kids camping. Kids were not that bad but I did realize that having a husband around does help a great deal.
Kensie & Kaleb had a lot of fun. Of course the kids played in the dirt and got dirty. The dirtier they got the more fun they had.
There was a little stream near by that the kids wanted to play in. The water was cold but very refreshing during the day in the hot sun!

I do say that I learned a few things this trip. Always drive yourself so you have a get away when you have cranky kids at night and bring your own tent. I was greatful to share a tent but stressed out trying to keep my kids quiet to not disturb the others. All and all it was fun and a great experience.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Callings!

I knew that the Bishop wanted to give me a calling but was having a hard time since I have two little kids at home and my husband works two jobs. So I am really excited to say that I received two callings. My first calling is on the enrichment committee. I am really excited to help out in the relief society and work on helping plan some of the activities. My second calling is in Young Womens. I was called to be the Personal Progress Specialist which they explained to me that this is to help each of the YW set and meet their Goals. I am really excited to start working with each of the YW, and teachers and getting to know them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009 Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

I left last Friday to participate in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. I don't have anyone in my life that was affected by Breast Cancer but my sister Katie was participating and I thought it sounded like fun. So we set off on the plane. We both talked about how were were a little scared but when we got on the plane it was like "Oh we can do this no problem". We were both really excited to participate in such a great event.
The walk started bright and early on Saturday morning. Here we are freezing since we didn't know how cold it was we were not that prepared. But we were both really excitied and happy especially that they had breakfast laying out on the tables ready for everyone. The opening ceremonies started and that is when I knew that this was going to be a great experience. It was very emotional hearing the stories from both women and men on how breast cancer has effected their lives. Right then I knew that the next two days was going to be worth every mile. So we started off.
Once we started on our walk and were amazed at how much support from the crew members and volunteers that we received. It seemed like we were one big happy family. The love and kindness that everyone showed was overwhelming. The first 13 miles went by fast and we were all feeling really good.
There were five of us in our group. Once we had finished lunch we were very excited and started out for the final and last 13 miles for the day. How hard could it be the first 13 miles was great. Little did we know that this is where the challenging part was going to be. Once we got to mile 16-26 we were all pretty much beat and in pain. I didn't know that walking would wear out your body that much. But every time when you were thinking I don't want to this any more or my body hurts there was someone that would walk by and ask how you are doing and give you words of encouragement. There was one experience that I woun't forget is that we came to the top of this hill which was mile 19 and were all exhausted and thinking we don't want to go on. Then saw this women who had to have been at least 70 years old and was wearing a sign that said 20 year survior. Oh my heart just went out to this women that she has been in much more pain than me and look at her. That is when you tell yourself this is why we are doing this for the women and men who have been affected by this horrible disease. Hey if this women can do it so can we. So we headed on our way to finish the last 7 miles for the day.
Yep, here we are with the aches and pains at the 26 mile marker. As we were crossing the finish line the tears that came as we had just accomplished something great. Swollen feet and all there was a fresh pool of water with a bag of ice for us to soak our feet in when we were done. The smiles, cheers, and looks from everyone made it worth every mile.
Sunday when we woke up we were all really sore. After a great breakfast despite the fact we could hardly walk we headed out to walk our last 13 miles. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My body was over worked but, just when you are ready to give up someone was there to help boost your spirits and keep you going. The love and support from everyone is what got us all through. By mile 35 I was just drained and it took everything I had to keep moving. As we all held hands and walked through the finish line it was worth every mile we walked. The joy and emotions that you feel was overwhelming and the cheers and love that everyone showed was worth it.
I would have to say this was a very humbling experience. Despite my bruised shin and sore hips I would definatley do it again and encourage everyone to participate in an event like this. I would say that spiritually and mentally I am a better person because of this walk. I am very greatful that I was able to share this experience with my sister and to get to know her. Thanks Katie for everything. I love you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kaleb's Scare!!

Well we have been pretty lucky this year with Kaleb. It never fails that at least once a year he really scares us! For some reason which of course is always unknown Kaleb has episodes which gives him breathing problems. Yesterday when I got home from work I picked up the kids and Jeff to run some errands and I noticed that Kaleb was coughing really bad. So we put it on our list to make sure to get him some cough syrup. No big deal right. Well then as he was sitting in his car seat I looked back at him and noticed that he was struggling and working hard to breathe. Almost like an asthma attack but the doctors never call it asthma. So I was just keeping an eye on him. We were in Walmart and that is when I noticed the wheezing so we decided it was time to take him in to urgent care to have the doctors look at him. This one came on really fast and we are just glad we caught it early so NO hospital time was required. Sure enough they didn't like the way his lungs sounds so right away he was given a dose of steroids followed by a breathing treatment. Once the first treatment was over they listened to him and decided that it would be best to do another one because he still was working to breathe normally. Well to my surprise Kaleb was a big boy and handled this very well.

He even likes to wear the mask now. He puts it on and then waves his arms around like he is swimming. It takes about 8-10 minutes for the entire treatment.

He is so grown up because he just sits there now and is calm and doesn't cry or through a fit. Yeah for us to not have to be stressed out the entire time during the treatments. It is hard enough that he has to have them every 4 hours. The only down fall is that there are steroids in them which makes him a little hyper. But hey we can deal with that.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mi Amigo's

Mi Amigo's is a fun exciting restaurant. Lots of good food. The service is great and the food comes out hot! Always a plus! The nacho's are terrific. The chips and salsa is always an added plus. Go to to find out about all the upcoming events and specials they are offering.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sister's Wedding!

This last weekend we headed up to the Greer Lodge Resort for my sister's Wedding. This was the view from the cabin that we stayed in. I loved it. We had a bachlorette party on Friday night which was alot of fun.
Saturday morning we had a big family breakfast and then off to do some decorating for the wedding. We were really scared there for a little while as the wedding was outside and the weather that day was crazy. This is the sky a few hours before the wedding.
Finally it was time for us to get ready. My kids were a little crazy because Jeff brought the kids up on Saturday which is a 4 hour car ride so they arrived just a few hours before the wedding. Of course they were nuts just from being in the car for so long. But I do admit they are cute kids when they are all dressed up!
Finally after waiting for the Judge to show up (45 minutes late) it was time for the wedding. I do have to say that she makes a beautiful bride. She was georgeous! I do have to admit that I got teary eyed when she came down the walkway with all her 4 boys. I thought it was really cute that they walked her down the isle.
The day went pretty smooth. This picture was taked after the kiss! It's offical and her facial expression makes the picture even better. She was soo happy. Congratulations Kelly we are all really happy for you. Welcome to the family Gerard! We Love You Guys!

The reception was held at the rodeo grounds. Lots of good food and dancing. Here is a picture of Kaleb and me during the mother son dance. Yes, I am in jeans and a shirt. I was wearing a dress but McKinsey was sitting on my lap and peed right through her diaper and through my dress to the floor. That was fun, but hey I had an excuse to put on more comfortable clothes! Everything turned out great. Here is a picture of me and my hubby. Thanks to him taking care of the kids this weekend so I was able to help out alot. He really is a great husband and dad.

Here is a picture we took with all of us sisters! We finally got one of everyone togther. Does not happen too often that we are all together.