Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kaleb's Scare!!

Well we have been pretty lucky this year with Kaleb. It never fails that at least once a year he really scares us! For some reason which of course is always unknown Kaleb has episodes which gives him breathing problems. Yesterday when I got home from work I picked up the kids and Jeff to run some errands and I noticed that Kaleb was coughing really bad. So we put it on our list to make sure to get him some cough syrup. No big deal right. Well then as he was sitting in his car seat I looked back at him and noticed that he was struggling and working hard to breathe. Almost like an asthma attack but the doctors never call it asthma. So I was just keeping an eye on him. We were in Walmart and that is when I noticed the wheezing so we decided it was time to take him in to urgent care to have the doctors look at him. This one came on really fast and we are just glad we caught it early so NO hospital time was required. Sure enough they didn't like the way his lungs sounds so right away he was given a dose of steroids followed by a breathing treatment. Once the first treatment was over they listened to him and decided that it would be best to do another one because he still was working to breathe normally. Well to my surprise Kaleb was a big boy and handled this very well.

He even likes to wear the mask now. He puts it on and then waves his arms around like he is swimming. It takes about 8-10 minutes for the entire treatment.

He is so grown up because he just sits there now and is calm and doesn't cry or through a fit. Yeah for us to not have to be stressed out the entire time during the treatments. It is hard enough that he has to have them every 4 hours. The only down fall is that there are steroids in them which makes him a little hyper. But hey we can deal with that.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mi Amigo's

Mi Amigo's is a fun exciting restaurant. Lots of good food. The service is great and the food comes out hot! Always a plus! The nacho's are terrific. The chips and salsa is always an added plus. Go to to find out about all the upcoming events and specials they are offering.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sister's Wedding!

This last weekend we headed up to the Greer Lodge Resort for my sister's Wedding. This was the view from the cabin that we stayed in. I loved it. We had a bachlorette party on Friday night which was alot of fun.
Saturday morning we had a big family breakfast and then off to do some decorating for the wedding. We were really scared there for a little while as the wedding was outside and the weather that day was crazy. This is the sky a few hours before the wedding.
Finally it was time for us to get ready. My kids were a little crazy because Jeff brought the kids up on Saturday which is a 4 hour car ride so they arrived just a few hours before the wedding. Of course they were nuts just from being in the car for so long. But I do admit they are cute kids when they are all dressed up!
Finally after waiting for the Judge to show up (45 minutes late) it was time for the wedding. I do have to say that she makes a beautiful bride. She was georgeous! I do have to admit that I got teary eyed when she came down the walkway with all her 4 boys. I thought it was really cute that they walked her down the isle.
The day went pretty smooth. This picture was taked after the kiss! It's offical and her facial expression makes the picture even better. She was soo happy. Congratulations Kelly we are all really happy for you. Welcome to the family Gerard! We Love You Guys!

The reception was held at the rodeo grounds. Lots of good food and dancing. Here is a picture of Kaleb and me during the mother son dance. Yes, I am in jeans and a shirt. I was wearing a dress but McKinsey was sitting on my lap and peed right through her diaper and through my dress to the floor. That was fun, but hey I had an excuse to put on more comfortable clothes! Everything turned out great. Here is a picture of me and my hubby. Thanks to him taking care of the kids this weekend so I was able to help out alot. He really is a great husband and dad.

Here is a picture we took with all of us sisters! We finally got one of everyone togther. Does not happen too often that we are all together.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lunch with Sisters!

So it was last minute on Friday we were able to do a Sister's Lunch with the parents. Unfortunately Meagan was not able to make it but she was missed. This is something that is hard to schedule as we all have very different schedules. My sister Kelly was in town and we all just met at Applebee's sort of last minute planning but those are the best kinds of get togethers. We had alot of fun. Lvoe you all.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kaleb's Finger!

So, I just finished giving both the kids a bath and had run outside really fast to throw away a dirty diaper. So, I opened the door and went to close it real fast behind me so the kids wouldn't run out naked and didn't see Kaleb standing right behind me. Yep, got his finger right in the door. Thank goodness it was only the one finger. After he cried for about 20 mins he finally calmed down enough for me to put a bandaid on it. About an hour later he was laying on my lap while I was giving him loves he turned to me with a really sad face and said "you closed me in the door mom, you closed me in the door" and started crying again. It was so cute I actually laughed and said I know son I am sorry.

Monday, June 1, 2009

They Finally Tasted the Nacho Cheese!

So when we go to Taco Bell we always get a Nachos for the kids but they never eat the cheese. Well McKensie is in the dipping stage and wants to dip and lick all the time. So she finally dipped her chip into the Nacho Cheese sauce and was hooked. Of course she can't do something that Kaleb isn't so he had to try it to.
What's funny is that somehow they ran out of chips before the nacho cheese was gone so they decided to use there vanilla waffers to dip in the cheese sauce. NASTY but they were really enjoying themselves. They did a really good job of sharing to.

McKensie never likes to share but for some reason she was all for sharing her Nacho Cheese and was happy about it.