Monday, September 15, 2008

Growing Up!

McKensie is growing up fast. This weekend she had all sorts of new foods. Scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, dry cereal, and pizza crust all by herself. She was also able to drink out of a straw. I love this stage because they can feed themselves.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hanging Out!!

Kaleb Loves to wear hats even though it is his sisters. He does not seem to mind!

McKensie's First Hair Style. I was finally able to put her hair into a pony tail. How cute is she!
Kaleb loves bath time now that he can play with his little sister. McKensie likes it alot better than the kitchen sink.

Birthday Party!

We just celebrated Jaxson & Gavin's Birthday Party. It is always fun when there is water envolved!

Camping Trip!!

We had our annual family camping trip which was very cold & rainy this year. This was McKensie's first camping experience and I think that she rather enjoyed herself.

Kaleb & Jake were being helpful by collecting the firewood to try and keep us warm.
Haley & McKensie were hanging out while we tried to set up camp. Aren't they so CUTE!!

Illinois Trip

We went to Illionis at the end of July. Very relaxing as we sat around outside all day and played with the kids. We had lots of fun. Went to an air show which was really hot but we had fun despite the weather! Here are a few pics.

The Kids got to spend some quality time with their Grandma Heckman.

CJ found time to make out with his newly found girl friend Barbie and got caught!!