Monday, November 9, 2009

Cute Bathtime Pictures!

So I just had to post these pictures my mom just emailed me. I don't remember her taking them but obviously I was so into the book I was reading I didn't notice her taking the pictures.

This is a routine we have with the kids. They always brush their teeth right after their bath. This time Kaleb had to go to the bathroom so I put him on the toilet which was just great for McKensie since they always fight who gets to stand on the stool and go first. Well McKensie thought she would be helpful and give him his tooth brush and some toothpaste so he could brush his teeth while going to the bathroom. I just love when they are nice to each other!

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Iveta said...

sooooo so cute! ... BTW, you can read around kids in the bathroom? :) Mine are so loud there is no sense in even opening a book :)